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The DMR trigger features a 4.5-pound pull weight that is adjustable for length of pull with one easy to access adjustment screw.  It is held in place by two set screws which hold the trigger pins securely in the receiver.  This method also makes disassembly for cleaning and weapons maintenance a breeze.

“DMR” refers to a Designated Marksman Rifle.  The DMR platform is nothing new, but it has come to the spotlight in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq war theaters.  This trigger embodies the necessities of a DMR trigger: reliable, safe and precise from shot-to-shot.  with a reduced 4.5-pound pull weight, the trigger breaks like a match-grade trigger and immediately enhances the feedback the shooter can receive from his weapon.  It makes a predictable and consistent trigger pull, shot after shot.

This trigger is matte black in color.

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Dimensions 4.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 in
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